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Outpatient Therapist

Therapist must identify consumer challenges, secures relevant data to identify possible causes, generate alternative courses of action, possible consequences, as well as determining appropriate clinical assessment to assist in the diagnosis and treatment planning of each consumer. Additionally, therapists demonstrate multiple skills sets to assist consumers in behavioral modification, problem solving, and family systems assessment to meet appropriate goals.

Behavior Consultant

  • Assist staff in: defining and measuring behavior; understanding principles of reinforcement; teaching new behavior; implementing strategies for weakening behavior; and identifying antecedents.

  • Facilitate team meetings with the identified student’s teachers and parents for the purpose of completing a Functional Behavioral Assessment.

Mobile Therapist

  • Provision of psychotherapy at times which are least disruptive to the child’s home/educational schedule.

  • Collaboration with the family, other adults working with the child in the school, and school personnel (especially teacher who have the most direct contact with the child’s) in developing daily routines which will enhance the treatment approach indicated in the treatment plan.

Behavior Health Technician

  • Specific interventions to assist the child in developing age-appropriate self-management skills. The school environment, especially skills related to appropriate attention needs, organization and planning activities, and appropriate social interactions.

  • Support to families/teachers or other adults responsible for supervising the child in the home/school/community settings. 

Medical Records

  • Management of all Medical Records, including Archive Management. Maintenance of Storage Spreadsheet.

  • Check billing compliance.

  • Complete Disability and Medical Requests in 24-48 hours.

  • Pull charts for therapists and evaluators.

  • Create, maintain and manage patient charts.

  • File all client paperwork with 98% filing accuracy.

  • Manage archived and discharge charts. Create and maintain discharge spreadsheet.


  • Greet and sign in all employees, contractors, clients, and visitors.

  • Greet and identify clients and visitors as they enter the office in reference to the daily schedule.

  • Obtain additional information as needed, communicate unexpected delays when necessary.

  • Open and closing designated offices-Parkside/Southwest.

  • Answer multi-line telephone system using appropriate telephone etiquette, take messages and deliver in a timely and appropriate manner.

Case Manager

To provide ongoing support and proficiency through a wide range of quality assurance, planning, implementation of Dunbar’s general policies and procedures. The overall goal of the position is to enhance the quality of client management and satisfaction, promote the stability of care through the integration of case coordination and administrative operation. Has accountability for the care, coordination of all patients.

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